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——  Recruitment position  ——

——  Talent concept  ——

Moral priority: virtue first, ability second is the standard, "virtue is not talented, its virtue is available, it has virtue, it should be reused, it has no virtue, it is difficult to use".
Team work: in the same boat, sail together, ride the wind and sea, a drop of water is small, the sea will be magnificent; The strength of a person is weak, and depending on a good team, it can lead to success as the team grows.
Job allocation: people do their best, and every position has their own professional requirements. The right person is the right person in the right position to give full play to his role.
Do your duty: those who dare to take responsibility can become big ones.
Companies adhering to the "just can, relief of long, is the only life, love," the idea, is willing to absorb and outstanding potential talent, we don't look at education ability, don't look at degree level, no matter what status, educational background, as long as do well, do better than others, outstanding performance, we will enable the bold, entrusts with an important task. All into the Ming tai door, is the Ming tai people, the company will provide every employee with individual talent development platform, I hope every employee can get good development in the Ming tai, we look forward to your joining!


if you have
crative ano passionate

If you are:
Creative and passionate;
A family that yearns for warmth and vitality;
Want to work life perfect union, rich and substantial.
The platform for realizing self-worth;
The rural letter through hard work can be a window of its own glory;
Come on, join us!

——  Salary and welfare  ——

  • Five social

    In the "five social insurance and one housing fund" according to state regulations, as well as endowment insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, industrial injury insurance, maternity insurance and housing provident fund.

    Five social

  • Wage pay

    Part of the production jobs of piecework wages, another part of the production of post wage system, points paid by workers, hard work;

    Wage pay

  • Employee 

    The company provides free accommodation, provides meal supplement and night shift allowance at work time.


  • Wage pay

    The other posts carry out the job performance salary and take the personal work performance as the reference basis.

    Wage pay

——  Training and development  ——

In 2010, the company set up a special study class at Sichuan Vocational and Technical College as the school organization of the company. Design and meet the company's requirements, suitable for the characteristics of employees training courses for the students of Career Technical College is the production of post technical backbone of the staff, regularly held electronic technology, welders and other categories of technical skills and operation theory class; management personnel, regularly organize special courses, carry out management thought and method of learning management. For the active and outstanding employees with the joint development of the company, the company will learn from outside.
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